Motorcycle workshop
& Social Klub

All the tools,

(& Band-Aids)
you need.

No more wrenching in the gutter, no more “Damn, I don’t have the right tools” and no more lonely nights wrenching at home. Decked out with more tools, fabrication and CNC equipment than you’d ever need.

Kustom Kommune gives you access to all the tools, equipment and space you need to restore your classic, maintain the daily or customise your dream build. From a quick service to a full restoration or long-term DIY custom, all skill levels, motos and crew are welcome.

Much more
than just a

Come for the tools, stay for the crew.

Sometimes whacking it with a hammer does the job (we got heaps of them), other times you need a tool you didn’t even know existed (we’re proper DIY nerds) and sometimes you just want to kick back in a place that feels like home, without the chores. Other times a good old fashioned chat or a bit of moto-advice will get you geared up. Good job we’re specialists in social hangs too. 

Lend a hand, or an ear. We’re a workshop run by our community for our community, entirely run by volunteers. Volunteering perks include instant good karma and a better dating profile.

New skills
to save
those bill$

Kommune’s guide to happiness: eat your greens and know your machines.

Getting clued up on moto-maintenance and building confidence to customise your ride makes it a heck of a lot easier to justify all those other bikes you’ve got your eye on. If you can fix it you can keep it, right?

Whether your just hitting the road for the first time, or even just thinking about it, our goal is to get you up to speed at a pace that suits you. Short one-night-only motorcycle mechanic courses that break down the most complex topics in an open and informal enviroment, lead by community and industry experts.

Pretty much the only thing we can’t help you with is the awkward moment when you bump into your old mechanic and it’s all “umm, yeah, so I’ve been kind of busy but I still got your number. Righto, well I better get to Komm–”

of change

Kommune Konnections, supporting motorcyclists and community leaders, locally and globally.

Backed by The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and Movember, we’re tackling social isolation, one not-so-random act of kindness at a time. Events, socials hangs and open ears.

We believe in Moto Therapy and for us, its the best kind. Konnections is more of us getting together more often, to wrench, ride and laugh it off when life throws up another late night oil leak. We’re all just figuring it out, this life and these machines. So lets do it together.




We're not
(that) cool.

We don’t care what’s between your legs. Two wheels and an engine is a good start, but even that’s not important.

We don’t care what you ride (or don’t ride), there’s no rules to whats cool around here. We dig whatever you dig.

Our community is a as unique as the bikes we ride and that’s the way we like it at Kommune – a mixed bag of moto minded mates expressing themselves and having a crack at an idea. 

Our secret handshake is no secret handshake. If you know, you know.

but damn,
we find those
good vibes!

but damn,
we make fun.

Don't just
take our
word for it...